1 John: Christianity [defined]

By the time John wrote his three epistles, he was an old man. 1 John is filled with basic truth for new Christians and John is writing like a father to his children. By the end of the First Century, many heretical beliefs about Jesus had infiltrated the churches, so John wrote to reemphasize the basic beliefs of our faith.

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A Church on Purpose

Every successful organization and business has a purpose for which they exist. If someone asked you, “Why does Green Acres Baptist Church exist?” I hope you could answer correctly. Our church has formally adopted a purpose statement. There are hundreds of things a church could do that are good things, but a clearly defined purpose statement keeps us focused on the best things we can do. We exist to exalt God’s greatness; evangelize God’s world; equip God’s people and express God’s love–through Jesus Christ our Lord. The Pastor’s challenge to be on purpose in three different directions: across the aisle; across the street; and across the globe.

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A Matter of Life or Debt

One of the biggest problems facing Christians in the 21st Century is dealing with unmanageable debt. The average unpaid credit card balance for Americans is over $18,000 per family.  A Christian who is enslaved to debt is unable to give to God the way he or she desires, and he or she isn’t free to obey God’s call on their lives because their debt keeps them prisoner.  In this series, Dr. Dykes combines both biblical principles and sound financial advice to teach individuals and families how to GET out of debt and STAY out of debt.

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The Bible identifies followers of Jesus Christ as “Aliens and Strangers in this world.”  Because of our faith, we are “different” than the native earthlings (unbelievers).  We bless others when they curse us; we forgive others when they hurt us; we go the second mile.  In today’s dog-eat-dog world, that’s ALIEN behavior! In this teaching series from the book of 1 Peter, you’ll learn the simple, practical ways God directs us to conduct our lives while we’re on this planet.

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God sends the prophet Amos to warn the nation of Israel and the surrounding nations to repent of their wickedness or they will be judged.

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Angels All Around Us

There is a great deal of interest in the world about angels, and there is also a great deal of ignorance. Dr. Dykes examines the biblical teachings about angels. You may be surprised to learn what the Bible does and does not say about them. Angels are God’s ministering spirits, sent to serve the saints of God.

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Are You Plugged In?

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Back to B.A.S.I.C.S.

Sometimes a congregation (or any other organization) can lose sight of the basic upon which it is founded. A review of the basics of the Christian life and how to return to it.

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Battle Stations! A Study in Spiritual Warfare

On a battleship, every sailor has a battle station. When the cry, “Battle Stations!” is issued, they immediately know where to go and what to do. In the Christian life, we are involved in spiritual warfare, but too many Christians are ignorant of their role and location. This series from Ephesians 6 will help equip you for battle in the spiritual realm.

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Big Events of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is one of the most exciting books in all literature–and it is true. God’s work in and through the nation of Israel is an important background study for Christians to understand. Take a chronological journey through all the big events of Old Testament history. This series will help you grasp when and why things happened, as God dealt with the nation Israel.

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Blueprints for Beautiful Homes

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Colossians: Life Overflowing!

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung wrote, “The central neurosis of our time is emptiness.” In a world filled with empty people, the message of Colossians has never been more needed than now. The theme of this wonderful series is “LIFE OVERFLOWING.” If you are feeling broken and empty, Jesus Christ can fix the fundamental problem of your life. In this series, Dr. David Dykes shares simple, yet profound messages on how Jesus can keep the gauge on your life tank pointing to full!

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1 Corinthians: Instructions for Confused Christians

In this New Testament teaching series, Dr. Dykes addresses many issues which have confused Christians for years: divorce, lawsuits, speaking in tongues and what happens after a person dies.

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2 Corinthians: Hope for Cracked Pots

The overall message contained in 2 Corinthians is “Hope for Cracked Pots.”  The Bible says, “For we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7) The secret of the Christian life is realizing that we CONTAIN the life of the Lord Jesus Christ released through the Holy Spirit. Even though the container may be a little misshapen, or even cracked, the value is the treasure we contain, not in the container itself. In other words, “It’s not about ME!” “It’s all about HIM!”  So, even if you consider yourself to be a little cracked, take hope because you can still carry the greatest treasure the world has ever known!

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Daniel: Turning Chaos into Character

How is a committed Christian to behave when he finds himself in a strange, godless culture? Many face that decision every day as they find themselves in schools, jobs and families where God is not acknowledged. Daniel stands as a powerful model to teach us how to stay committed. Although he was exiled from his home as a teenager and forced to live his entire life in a strange culture, he turned his chaos into character–and you can too.

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David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

King David was one of the most enigmatic characters in history. Although he was “the sweet singer of Israel,” he also committed terrible sins. Learn how to discover and avoid the pitfalls we all face, so we can be a people after God’s own heart.

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The DNA of Discipleship

One of the problems we face in the 21st century church is that the church is full of Jesus fans. You may be one. You love Jesus and He is an important
part of your life. You might even wear a cross or a t-shirt with a Christian message. Jesus fits right in there with family, friends, your hobby, and your
job. Is that sounding attractive to you? The truth is, Jesus doesn’t want to be a PART of your life—He IS your life. This study examines the five genetic
markers that identify a true follower (Disciple) of Jesus from a fan.

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Doing Church as a Team

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Embracing Change: Need a Change of YOU?

When people are unhappy, they want a change of view, they want their circumstances to change. But what is most needed is a personal change, a change of you. To put it another way, most people are looking for a change of scenery, when what they really need is a change of self.

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Embraced by the Truth About Death

Someone once said the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. This is not precisely correct, because some people do not pay taxes. However, death is something everyone must deal with. This study is an examination of what the Bible says about dealing with the grief accompanying the death of a loved one, as well as how to prepare for our own final appointment with God. Anyone struggling with these circumstances will be greatly encouraged by these Bible messages.

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Ephesians: Enjoying Our Riches in Christ

When you accept Christ, you win the “spiritual lottery.” An examination of the Ephesians series reveals the riches of Christ belonging to each of us who knows Him. These are not riches that can be deposited in a bank–they are riches enabling us to make the most of our daily living.

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Eyes on Jesus: A Study of Hebrews

This study takes in to consideration the superiority of Jesus. It’s amazing how a letter written thousands of years ago can speak to the needs and challenges we face in the 21st Century. Who wrote Hebrews? That’s up for debate. My answer is simple: God wrote it. And He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore!

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Family: An Endangered Species

Families are certainly different today than they were 25 years ago. What factors contribute to strengthening families? At one time the “typical” family consisted of a husband who worked, a wife who was a full-time mom and two kids. Is that kind of family becoming an endangered species? Some reports seem to indicate it is true. In spite of some of these reports, I am optimistic about the future of the family.

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Final Words from the Cross

Final words are important. This series examines the final words Jesus Christ spoke from the cross. We can’t call these His final words, because unlike any other person, Jesus rose from the dead and spoke many more words and He still speaks today!

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Galatians: Don’t Stray from the Grace-Way

Every known religion known is a religion of works–except the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hinduism tells us that if we renounce the world and relate ourselves to the “spirit of the universe,” we will find our way to nirvana. Judaism says we must keep the Law absolutely. Islam says that a person must pray five times a day, give alms, fast on the month of Ramadan, and obey the commands of Allah. All are ways of works. The wonderful book of Galatians teaches us this life-changing equation: GOD’S GRACE + NOTHING = FREEDOM. Once someone starts on the Grace Way, why would they ever stray? Because legalism (works) feeds our sinful flesh and makes us feel worthy. In this teaching series, Pastor David Dykes focuses on God’s amazing grace that not only saves us, but sets us free.

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Get Connected!

You cannot communicate with God or access His vast spiritual wisdom unless you are connected. Learn how to be connected and make a spiritual application for it.

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Go for the Gold: How to Be a Champion for God

When you think of Biblical champions, stories like David and Goliath, Samson and the Philistines, or Daniel in the lion’s den probably come to mind. But the pages of the Bible are filled with everyday champions whose names are relatively unknown, but whose impact is undeniable. In the process of meeting these unsung Biblical heroes, we’re going to discover there are many potential champions for God all around us as well.

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God’s Medicine for Hurting Families

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A miracle is defined as an event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws, and is therefore considered to be the result of Diving intervention.

This WEBS study challenges you to believe in miracles, but trust in God.

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The Gospel According to the Beatles

An examination of the lyrics and lives of one of the most popular musical groups in history and comparison of the Fab Four’s philosophy with the good news of Jesus.

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The Gospel According to Country Music

“Can the message of country music get you into heaven?” Pastor David Dykes answers this questions as he inspects the gospel roots of country music and how it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. He presents biblical truth beside the message of familiar country songs to see if they are compatible.

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The Gospel According to TV

Whatever your age, we are a generation of screenagers. Today, with hundreds of television channels available, there are literally thousands of programs to watch. Many of them are not worth watching, but some are entertaining, others educational, and many inspirational. The Gospel According to TV series uses popular television shows or themes as a launching pad to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Grace Robbers

The grace of God is truly amazing! It’s also amazing that many Christians are still trying to obey rules and regulations to earn God’s favor. Legalism is a deadly virus infecting the Body of Christ. Be able to identify beliefs and actions that DISGRACE the Grace of God. Do not let anyone or anyone ROB you of the powerful impact of the amazing grace of God!

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Grace-Fruit: Jesus Living in Me

There are nine personality traits called the Fruit of the Spirit. They are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Fruit is the outward expression of the inner nature. When you see an apple hanging on a tree, you know it has the nature of an apple tree on the inside. When a person displays these nine character qualities, it is evidence they have the inner nature of Jesus. Explore the truth about each of these important qualities.

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GSPN: God’s Spiritual Playmaker Network

God’s Spiritual Playmaker Network. On a sports team, there can only be a few real playmakers who impact the outcome of the game. On God’s team, every member can be a playmaker and can have an eternal impact on the lives of others! Are you a playmaker, or a spectator? God wants you to step onto the field (or up to a tee box) and join Him in what He is doing! GSPN, it’s more than a game!

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Habits of Healthy Christians

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Heaven: An Insider’s Guide

When you plan a trip to visit a new city or a new country, you want to have an insider, a local resident, give you information as you plan your trip. When it comes to Heaven, I’m not the insider—Jesus is. He resides in Heaven and He has given us ample information in His book for us to learn about His Home Country.

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Heal Our Land

America desperately needs a spiritual awakening to turn around the moral and spiritual decline we are experiencing. Our only HOPE is for our nation to turn back to the God who has made us a great nation.

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Is There Any HOPE for Me?

Does life seem hopeless? You can’t turn on the television or pick up a newspaper without learning about another murder, disaster or war. Much of our stress is caused by simply trying to handle all the pain around us. In a crazy world, many cry out, “IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR ME?” Pastor David Dykes’ Bible teaching doesn’t ignore the pain we face, and he doesn’t provide glib answers to tough problems. But if you need an infusion of HOPE, these practical messages are for you.

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Many people are using iPhones and other smartphones to perform a variety of tasks.  Many applications (apps) can be downloaded to make the phone even more versatile.  In this series Pastor David Dykes talks about the importance of FOCUSING on several important Biblical truths and APPLYING these truths to your life. This is life-changing data that can have a positive impact in your life if you download them into your heart.

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James: Timeless Truths for Tough Times

James was the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ. His straight-forward approach to the truth offends some people. In Texas, we would say James is “stronger than a ton of garlic.” Pastor David presents the timeless truth in a way that will help you apply it to your modern challenges.

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Job: Turning Tears into Telescopes

Are you hurting? Struggling with pain? Searching for answers? In one sense, we’re all like Job, in the middle of our suffering and anguish we want to ask, “Why?” We feel that we deserve some reasonable, rational explanation to explain what’s happening. In the midst of Job’s suffering, long before he had his fortune and family restored, he looked through his tears as if they were telescopes and he saw something in the future–Jesus. Tears can either obscure your vision or they can magnify your sight. Through his tears, Job saw his Redeemer.

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John: Believe and Live!

Matthew, Mark, and Luke follow the same chronology of the life of Jesus. But the Holy Spirit led John to be more selective in sharing the story of Jesus. The structure of the book of John is fairly simple. There are seven signs, miracles, plus one big miracle, the resurrection, and there are seven rich “I am” claims from Jesus.

87 Messages

Joseph: Following God’s Road to Success

God’s road to success is like that song by the Beatles. It’s a “Long and Winding Road.” Early in his life, Joseph was sold into slavery, but by the end of his life, he ended up as the Prime Minister of Egypt, the second most powerful man in the world’s only superpower at the time. God has a road of success for you, and your main goal in life should be following that road. But in order to get on God’s road to success, you must embrace the correct definition of success.

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Joshua: Moving from Good to GREAT!

Thousands of Christians are content to be merely “good” (they have their ticket to heaven punched) but they seldom enter into the joy of spiritual greatness. They are saved, but they never enter into the abundant, overcoming, victorious Christian life available to them. There is a level of Christian living available to every child of God. It’s like making the leap from good to great. It is there for you to claim and it is God’s Will for every Christian to cross over the Jordan River and experience it! The life of victory in Jesus is your spiritual heritage. All you have to do is to follow Jesus over into the promised land of victory. You CAN make the leap from good to great! In the land of victory you will be too blessed to be stressed and you’ll find you there is more to shout about than to pout about!

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Living in Fast Forward

Wouldn’t it be great if life had a fast forward button you could push and look into the future and know everything would be okay? The Bible enables us to use our eyes of faith and fast forward into the future; we can preview the wonderful outcome of our lives. That glimpse into the future allows us to look forward to the future with confidence.

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Love Your Neighbor

With the increase of speed, of just trying to get things done quicker, there is a decrease in human interaction. You never have to talk with anyone if you choose not to. And so how do we, as a people of God, in this type of culture and this type of society, how do we love our neighbor? A message series by Michael Gossett

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Luke: Jesus–the Perfect God-Man

In the gospel according to Luke, Dr. Luke examines the life of Jesus from the standpoint of His humanity. There are more teaching parables and special passages in Luke than the other two synoptic gospels. This series offers a careful examination of the life and teachings of the greatest man who ever lived–the Lord Jesus Christ.

106 Messages

The Major Message of the Minor Prophets

The most neglected section of the Bible is the part often called “The Minor Prophets.” Most Christians can’t name more than two or three of them. They may be called the Minor Prophets, but there’s nothing minor about the message God spoke through them. And that major message still needs to be heard in the 21st Century.

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Make a Difference

3 Messages

94 Hours That Changed the World

From the time Jesus shared the Last Supper until the disciples discovered the empty tomb, approximately 94 hours elapsed. Because He is alive and the tomb is empty, those 94 critical hours changed the world. In this series, Pastor David Dykes explores these final events in Jesus’ earthly life. If you understand the impact of what Jesus did, these 94 hours can change your world as well.

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The book of Nehemiah is one of the most exciting books in all the bible. It tells of a group of people working together to accomplish a worthy project and overcoming the challenges of opposition and discouragement. Nehemiah is an example of how anyone can achieve God-sized goals.

11 Messages

NO! That’s Not in the Bible

There are many “popular sayings” people think are in the Bible. For instance, we’ve all heard someone say, “The Bible says, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’” You may be surprised to discover these maxims don’t come from the Bibl–and in some cases they contradict what the Bible actually says about that topic! In this series of interesting messages, Dr. David Dykes examines these “phantom Bible verses” and explains what the Bible really says to us.

10 Messages

One Nation Under God

3 Messages

Parables & Miracles

In this practical study of the parables and miracles recorded in the Gospel According to Matthew, Pastor David Dykes explains the personal impact of the words and works of Jesus. Pastor David often says “there is a parable in every miracle and a miracle in every parable.” That means that hidden below the surface of every miracle there is a life-changing truth to be discovered. And every parable of Jesus contains miraculous truth that can change your life.

84 Messages

The Passion & Triumph of Jesus Christ

Why were so many people touched by the film The Passion of Jesus Christ? How did God turn movie theaters into sanctuaries of worship? Why does a story thousands of years old still move people? Because it is the TRUTH. This detailed study takes an in-depth look at the scriptures surrounding the life of Jesus from the Last Supper through His suffering and torture, onto the cross and out of the grave. Explore the Bible and uncover the truth of the Passion of Jesus Christ that has shaken modern society.

9 Messages

Peace in a Pressure-Packed World

All around us, life is getting faster and louder. How can a Christian find true inner tranquility in the midst of such a fast-paced world? This series from the book of Ephesians encourages you in your walk with Christ. The word of God, along with God’s Holy Spirit can provide a super-natural oasis for you in the midst of our modern world.

8 Messages

Philippians: Seeing Stars Through Prison Bars

The man who said, “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say rejoice!” did not write those words from a luxury hotel. When the Apostle Paul penned them, he was in a damp, dark prison. Paul’s positive attitude allowed him to look through the bars to see the stars. This series encourages you to seek God’s best for you, even if you are going through tough times.

16 Messages

The Prodigal Son

One thing you’ll never hear your Heavenly Father say is, “If you walk away from Me; you can never come back.” Instead, God is a loving Father. He loves you so much, you are free to walk out of fellowship with Him–He won’t stop you. He will run to meet you more than halfway if you decide to return to Him. And He says when you repent; He will treat you as if you never left.

3 Messages

REFRESH! What to Do When Life Crashes

Do you need spiritual and personal refreshing? Computers aren’t the only things that crash—cars crash, planes crash…and even lives crash. The truth is—life is tough for all of us. We’ve all hurt other people and we’ve all been hurt by others. Learn how you can experience personal and spiritual refreshment. This series traces the beatitudes of Jesus and shares seven important steps to experience blessing and happiness—by tapping into God’s power to restore and refresh lives that have crashed and been broken.

8 Messages

The ReMARKable Power of Jesus

Mark’s gospel is the shortest and the earliest one written. John Mark, who was a co-laborer with Paul and Barnabas, penned these words. Bible scholars believe it is Simon Peter’s account of the ministry of Jesus, but he told it to John Mark. So, it could probably be called “The Gospel According to Peter as told to John Mark.”

62 Messages

Revelation: Unveiling the Truth

The title of the book is not “Revelations,” it is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” These messages will reveal Jesus Christ to you in a way, perhaps, you have never seen Him before. Dr. Dykes delivers simple, easy-to-understand messages from this wonderful book. You will be encouraged to know that God accomplishes the final victory of our human destiny.

29 Messages


When the Apostle Paul set out to write a personal letter to the church at Rome, he included some of the deepest theological insights in the entire Bible. Romans is the magnum opus of Christian doctrine. Messages from this theological book make practical applications for daily living.

62 Messages

Ruth: The Romance of Redemption

The story of Ruth is one of the greatest love stories in all of literature. But it is about so much more than girl-meets-guy and guy-marries girl. It is also a powerful metaphor of how Jesus is our Kinsman-Redeemer and purchased our salvation with His blood. In this seven-part teaching series Pastor David Dykes shares the life-changing lessons from this thrilling story of The Romance of Redemption.

7 Messages

Spiritual Gifts

One of the greatest frustrations Christians face is when they try to do a job for which they are not gifted. In this study of spiritual gifts, Pastor David Dykes examines all the gifts mentioned in the New Testament and explains how they operate in the church today. If you are looking to discover what your spiritual gifts are, this series will be an invaluable help to you.

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Stress Busters

Life is full of stress, and many people feel they live near the “breaking point” most of the time. Sometimes we cannot change the things that create stress in our lives, but we can change the way we REACT to stress-producing situations.

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Personal spiritual victory occurs when you surrender to God. It sounds like a contradiction to say you must surrender to win, but the Bible contains several paradoxical truths such as “the first will be last and the last will be first” and “if you want to receive, you must first give” and “if you want to save your life, you will lose it, but if you lose your life for the sake of Jesus, you will find your life.” Don’t be surprised to learn the way to win is by surrendering.

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1 & 2 Thessalonians

The theme of Thessalonians is: Be prepared for the return of Christ! The Second Coming of Christ is mentioned in all four chapters. The key verse that best summarizes this theme says, “May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.” (1 Thessalonians 3:13)

28 Messages

Ten Habits of Healthy Believers

At the beginning of the New Year, many people make a re-commitment to physical fitness, which is a good thing, because your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. But spiritual fitness is even more important than physical fitness.

5 Messages

Treasure Truth

The idea of discovering a hidden treasure trove excites most people. But you don’t have to dig into the ground or dive into the ocean to find treasure. You only need to dig into the pages of God’s Word. He has a lot to say about the most valuable treasure in the universe.

7 Messages

Worship is NOT a Spectator Sport

An exploration of the biblical basis of true worship and an examination of the different Old Testament names of God and how they apply to our worship experience.

8 Messages

Winning the W.A.R.

The idea of discovering a hidden treasure trove excites most people. But you don’t have to dig into the ground or dive into the ocean to find treasure. You only need to dig into the pages of God’s Word. He has a lot to say about the most valuable treasure in the universe.

3 Messages

Year of the Bible

5 Messages