1 Peter 1

  1:1-2 Strangers in the World

  1:3-6 Reasons to Rejoice

  1:6-9 Refined by Fire

  1:10-11 Concerning Salvation

  1:13-17 Hunger for Holiness

  1:18-20 Mary Had a Little Lamb

  1:21-25 The World’s Greatest Gospel Quartet

1 Peter 2

  2:1-3 Will You Grow Up?!!

  2:4-8 The Rock and Our Role

  2:9-10 The Power of Positive Praise

  2:11-12 The Aliens Have Landed!

  2:13-17 Our Duty as Christian Citizens

  2:18-20 How to Take Your Job and Love It

  2:20-25 Suffering? Walk in His Steps

  2:20-25 The Crush of the Cross

1 Peter 3

  3:1-7 Marriage: Made in Heaven But Maintained on Earth

  3:8-12 Every Day Can Be a Good Day–Because God is Good!

  3:13-17 Is There an “Out of Order” Sign on Your Life?

  3:17-22 Thumbnails of Truth

  3:18 The Passion of the Christ–Revisited

1 Peter 4

  4:1-6 Clash-Mates with the Crowd

  4:7-11 The Rest of Your Life Can Be the Best of Your Life

  4:12-19 Can You Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking?

1 Peter 5

  5:1-6 How to Dress for Success

  5:6-7 Who Cares? God Cares!

  5:8-9 The Truth About the Terrible But Toothless Lion

  5:10-14 True Grace Produces True Grit