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Vision Sunday 2021 Theme: Love East Texas

David Dykes

TINY BUT MIGHTY A single snowflake is just a tiny, beautiful six-sided ice crystal. It is so light and insignificant it will melt in your hand. Alone it’s not much. But when you put trillions of them together like in some of the blizzards up north, they can shut down a major city and an entire region.


Alone, we’re not much, but with the unity of the Spirit and the passion to show God’s love, our message can transform an entire region for Christ. Matthew 22:34-40.


What in the World am I Doing?

Michael Gossett

We can only be satisfied with the joy that comes from Christ. If we want to be good soldiers for Christ, we can’t find satisfaction in the world. We have to understand that we are going to be set apart, we are going to be sanctified to continue growth, but always, when we are growing as a church we will always be going as a church with the gospel of Jesus. John 17:11-19.


From Terrorist to Evangelist

Have you ever found yourself in a spiritual desert and wondered what God was doing? You were thirsty for the living water and hungry for the bread of the Word, but instead, all you found was more desert? Desert experiences can help you grow.


How’s Your Aim?

Christian harmony is like a piano, we don’t have to all sing the same note, but we have to be tuned into the same pitch. A piano tuner told me that if you lined up 100 pianos and tuned the first one to a tuning fork, then tuned each piano to the one beside it without the fork, the 100th piano would be terribly out of tune with the first one. Why? There are such minor variations in pitch that it would be impossible to precisely duplicate each piano’s pitch. But if you tuned each piano to the same tuning fork, then all 100 would be in perfect tune. The same is true if you try to tune your life spiritually to mine, even if I’m tuned in to Jesus. Church people get out of tune with each other when we start comparing and criticizing each other and using anyone else other than Jesus as our measure or standard.


Are You Growing Up or Just Older?

We do not create unity; it is something the Holy Spirit creates. We ought to protect it and strive toward it. I don’t think as a church you ever come to the place where you say, “We have found unity.” It is always striving for more and more unity. Does that mean unity in a church is that a sign nobody ever disagrees? That nobody has their own opinion? No, that’s part of the diversity. You can disagree with me sometimes. Many times, and that’s okay, as long as you love me and I love you and Jesus is our Lord, there can still be unity. I think churches have unity sometimes and unity is not even demonstrated until you get threatened from the outside.


Are You Enjoying Your Inheritance?

Paul said there’s a kind of Christian that caused him to thank God when he thought about them. This is what I call a healthy Christian. There are two marks of a healthy Christian according to the apostle, Paul. Number one is faith in Jesus. You cannot be a Christian unless you put your faith in Jesus. But it is not your faith that saves you. It’s your faith in JESUS that saves you. It’s the object of your faith. You can have a ton of faith but if it is in the wrong thing, it won’t help you a bit.