How’s Your Aim?

Christian harmony is like a piano, we don’t have to all sing the same note, but we have to be tuned into the same pitch. A piano tuner told me that if you lined up 100 pianos and tuned the first one to a tuning fork, then tuned each piano to the one beside it without the fork, the 100th piano would be terribly out of tune with the first one. Why? There are such minor variations in pitch that it would be impossible to precisely duplicate each piano’s pitch. But if you tuned each piano to the same tuning fork, then all 100 would be in perfect tune. The same is true if you try to tune your life spiritually to mine, even if I’m tuned in to Jesus. Church people get out of tune with each other when we start comparing and criticizing each other and using anyone else other than Jesus as our measure or standard.