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Sabbath: Enjoy the REST of Your Life

The Sabbath is not a law we have to obey, but the idea of a healthy rhythm of work and rest is a gift from God we should not refuse. The Fourth Commandment has two simple parts. God says, “Six days you shall work. On the seventh day you should rest.”


How to Deal with Emotional Burn-Out

We’ve got to learn God’s rhythm of work and rest, work and rest, work and rest. Why do you think God rested on the seventh day of creation? Because He was tired? No. God never gets tired. He was trying to teach us that if you work all the time and stay wound up all the time and you don’t stop and rest on a regular basis, you’ll wear yourself out spiritually, relationally and physically.


God’s Prescription for Depression

If you are depressed or if you go through periods of depression, don’t worry because even some of the greatest saints of God in the Bible went through periods of depression. That’s where we find Elijah. Right after this great victory on Mt. Carmel we see him going through a time of depression.