God’s Will Tag

We Are Family

Knowing Jesus isn’t the same thing as knowing facts about Jesus. I know facts about Abraham Lincoln, but I don’t know Abraham Lincoln. I know facts about Dwight D. Eisenhower, and I can say, “I like Ike.” But I never had the privilege of meeting President Eisenhower. But I met Jesus when I was nine years old and he’s more real to me than the carpet on this floor. He’s more real to me than the wood, concrete, and steel in this building. Because one day, all this will be gone, but Jesus will still be large and in charge.


God’s Dragnet

Jesus loves every kind of person, not just the good people. Jesus loves the down-and-out as well as the up-and-out. Jesus loves the man who drank himself into a stupor last night. Jesus loves the junkie who shot up last night. Jesus loves the woman who slept last night with someone who was not her husband. Jesus loves the guy who in secrecy and shame looked at porn on his computer last night. Jesus loves the child who cried herself to sleep last night because her parents were yelling at each other. And He loves those parents, too. Jesus loves that inmate sitting in prison because he did unspeakable things to another person. And Jesus loves the person sitting in church with a better-than-thou attitude thinking “Yeah, but He loves me more.”


Living Life to the Fullest!

Our world still defines success as living in a big house, driving a new car, or having a lot of money. But in the midst of this lust for financial success, people aren’t satisfied. They are hungry for someone to tell them about God’s purpose for their lives. If you define success as finding and following God’s purpose, then God wants you to be success-full beyond your wildest dreams.


Judge Gideon’s Victory, part 1

God reveals his will in a variety of ways. Is it okay for me and you to lay a fleece out before the Lord? Christians do it and I’ve done it but it is a dangerous thing to do. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. Can you give me one other person in the Bible he spoke to out of a burning bush? You make a mistake if you go around to every bush and wait for it to catch on fire for God to speak to you. God spoke to Gideon through a fleece that got wet and then got dry. God blinded the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus and spoke to him in a voice. Are you waiting for God to do that? Who else did he do that to? When you study the word of God you find God spoke in a variety of ways and God has a variety of ways he shares his will.


How to Find God’s Will

I’m going to make a profound statement at the beginning and I’m going to tell you it’s profound because if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t recognize it as being profound: The will of God for every child of God is to be in the will of God. (I said you wouldn’t recognize it as being profound.) It is the will of God for every child of God to be in the will of God and there is a line is drawn down everybody listening to me today—either you are on one side of the line or the other. You are either in God’s will right now or you are out of God’s will one or the other.