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Sharing the Lord’s Breakfast

Michael Gossett

We can accomplish anything in this world. We can receive the greatest accolades, have the highest education, make the most money, have the best position—do all of these things. But never will it equate to fullness in your life or true satisfaction because it’s just a moment in time. John 21:1-14.


God’s Dragnet

Jesus loves every kind of person, not just the good people. Jesus loves the down-and-out as well as the up-and-out. Jesus loves the man who drank himself into a stupor last night. Jesus loves the junkie who shot up last night. Jesus loves the woman who slept last night with someone who was not her husband. Jesus loves the guy who in secrecy and shame looked at porn on his computer last night. Jesus loves the child who cried herself to sleep last night because her parents were yelling at each other. And He loves those parents, too. Jesus loves that inmate sitting in prison because he did unspeakable things to another person. And Jesus loves the person sitting in church with a better-than-thou attitude thinking “Yeah, but He loves me more.”


Fishing Tips from the Master

In order to be an effective people-catcher, you have to know something about how people without Christ live. One of our biggest challenges we face in “fishing for men” is the longer we are Christians, the less time we spend with non-believers. Jesus understood sinners, because he spent time with them, to win them. He didn’t become a sinner; He just understood them. You don’t have to jump into the water and swim underwater to be a good fisherman. You don’t have to become a fish to catch fish. But you CAN evaluate the “water conditions” at your job or at school. We need to become students of our culture for the simple reason that we want to “catch people” out of it into life. For some of you that means you need to cultivate a genuine friendship with someone who isn’t a Christian.


How to Fish for Men

Personal evangelism is more than just getting to know people who aren’t saved, although that is the first step. You must be willing to build a bridge of friendship with a person without Christ, but then you must walk across that bridge and tell them about the good news of Jesus. Give them a chance to trust Christ, that’s putting your hook in the water. A good salesman calls this “closing the deal.” But what you are doing is “closing the door of hell” for that person and opening the door of heaven.