Ephesians 1

  1:1-3 Blessed with the Best

  1:3-12 Biography of a Believer

  1:13-14 Saved, Sealed, and Secure

  1:15-23 Are You Enjoying Your Inheritance?

    1:17-18 Our Heritage and Hope: GABC 60th Anniversary

Ephesians 2

  2:1-7 Trophies of Grace

2:8-10 The Power of Teamwork

  2:8-10 What’s So Amazing About Grace?

  2:11-13 The Wonder-Working Power of the Blood

  2:14-17 The Fall of the Great Wall

  2:19-22 The Yahweh Construction Company

Ephesians 3

  3:1-13 The Greatest Mystery

  3:14-21 Prayer That Moves Heaven

Ephesians 4

  4:1-3 Leaning How to Walk Straight

  4:4-6 The Seven Pillars of Biblical Christianity

  4:7-12 A True Charismatic Church

  4:11-16 Are You Growing Up or Just Older?

  4:11-16 Connected Through Your Church

4:16 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

  4:17-24 How to Get Rid of Your Old Man

  4:25-30 What Grieves the Spirit of God?

  4:26 How to be Good and Angry

4:26-32 Winning the W.A.R. Against Rage

  4:29-32 The Conspiracy of Kindness

  4:31-32 Kindness: Love in Action

  4:31–5:2 How to Recognize a Real Christian

4:31-32 Kindness: Love in Action

Ephesians 5

  5:1-7 The Difference Between Real and Counterfeit Love

  5:8-14 Open Your Eyes to the Light

  5:15 Watch Your Step

  5:15-16 How to Redeem the Time

  5:17 How to Find God’s Will

  5:18 Don’t be Drunk on Wine

  5:18 Intoxicated by the Holy Spirit

  5:18-21 Filled? You’ll be Submissive

  5:19 Filled? You’ll be Singing

5:19-20 Singing to the Lord

  5:20 Filled? You’ll Be Thankful

  5:21 Nine Words That Can Heal Your Marriage

  5:22-25 Men are from Pluto and Women are from Mercury

  5:22-24, 33 What Every Man Wishes His Wife Knew About Him

  5:25-33 What Every Woman Wishes Her Husband Knew About Her

Ephesians 6

  6:1-3 How to Survive Your Teenage Years

  6:4 Oddly Godly Parents

  6:5-9 Your Work Matters to God

  6:10-12 Battle Stations! Know Your Enemy

  6:10-12 Battle Stations! Know Your Armor

  6:13-20 Battle Stations! Know Your Assignment

  6:16-17 Battle Stations! Know Your Weapons