The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

1When it comes to God and money there are some strange ideas floating around out there. Many people are confused. Three different theological positions concerning money.

Life’s Greatest Treasure!

2Guest Speaker Lanny Bridges

If God Owns it All, What am I Doing with it?

3When you develop a manager mindset, you work with the realization that there will be an accounting. There will be divine audit. And suddenly, every spending decision becomes a spiritual decision.

The Greatest Investment You’ll Ever Make

4Most babies are born with their fists clenched—but there’s nothing there. Then we start grabbing and we spend our lives grabbing and grabbing for more and more. In death, rigor mortis returns our hands to a fist–and we carry nothing out.

The Magnetic Power of Your Treasure

5God has blessed us with beautiful facilities, but one day, these will all be gone. Every building on the planet will one day be gone. But it’s what happens in a church building that is eternal. We are dealing with the Word of God and the souls of people.

Do You Have the Eye of the Tither?

6Jesus said there are two places where we can direct our vision. We can open our eyes in wonder to what God is doing and we’ll be people of light. Or we can squint at all the stuff around us and try to hoard as much as we can.

You Can’t Outgive God!

7When it comes to giving to God, we’re sometimes reluctant to surrender the seed. We want to hang on to as much as we can.