Hope to Hang in There

1Just as there twins in people, there are also twin truths in the Bible.

The Gospel According to You

2We can preach the gospel, but only the Holy Spirit can convict people of their sins.

The Life of a Model

3The importance of being a model of the Christian life to other believers.

How God Turns Failure into Favor

4Failure isn’t final and it isn’t fatal. God can bring you back from failure.

Church: Where God Sets the Lonely in a Family

5The Bible teaches that the main reason we gather together as a church is to encourage one another.

The Life-Changing Power of the Word of God

6The Word of God has supernatural power to change lives.

Don’t Let Satan Stop You

7Once you become a Christian, the devil doesn’t give up on you. He just changes his strategy. What to do when Satan tries to hinder you.

The Courage to Encourage

8What oxygen is to the body, encouragement is to the soul.

Sexual Purity in an X-Rated Culture

9What the Bible says about sexual immorality and the definition of marriage.

Do You Have a Holy Ambition?

10Is your ladder of success leaning against the wrong wall?

Hope at the Graveside

11Four hopeful truths about what happens when a Christian dies.

Will We See Our Loved Ones Again?

12Hell is an unpopular subject you don’t hear much preaching about anymore. But I must speak about hell because the Bible speaks about hell.

Are You Ready for the Rapture?

13When the bodies of believers are raptured, they will become like the resurrected body of Jesus.

Like a Thief in the Night

14Are you ready for the second coming? You have a choice right now, but there will be a time, when you will no longer have a choice.

Are You Asleep in the Light?

15When you’re spiritually asleep it means you’re unaware of what God is doing right now in the world.

How to have Healthy Relationships

16One of the main differences between a person who is a Christian and one who is not is how we relate to other people, especially to other people who don’t like us, especially to people who mistreat us.

A Better Eightfold Path, part 1

17Life is tough. There really is no secret pathway to avoid suffering. But we don’t have to avoid suffering, because God has promised to give us the strength to endure.

A Better Eightfold Path, part 2

18Are you on fire for Jesus, or has the fire gone out? Some people are so afraid of spiritual wildfire that they settle for no fire.


19If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are being changed from the inside out day by day. God’s process of changing us covers every area of our lives: body, soul, and spirit.

The Power of Persistence

20Are you at a place where you feel like giving up on God? Are you giving in to the temptation to give up on yourself, on your dreams, on your commitment, on the Christian life? There is a great blessing in store for God’s people who REFUSE to give up. There is great power in persistence.

Our Eyes WILL See the Coming of the Glory of the Lord

21Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. And when each of us is born, we inherit a little bit of the devil in each of us. It’s called sin.

What Does God Want with Me?

22The book of James says our life is but a vapor that appears for a moment and vanishes. One of these fall mornings when the temperature drops, you’re going to walk outside and when you breathe, you’ll see a vapor cloud. Watch how fast it disappears: That’s the length of your life according to the Bible.

God’s Prophetic Agenda

23The Day of the Lord refers to the time when God will dramatically intervene in human history and set in motion the events of the end of the world, as we know it.

The Defeat of Satan’s Superman

24Satan has power to perform miracles. When Moses stood before Pharaoh, his staff was transformed into a snake. The priests of Pharaoh were able to perform the same tricks. Just because someone claims to perform a miracle, doesn’t necessarily mean they are from God.

Standing Firm in an Unstable World

25Why does God love you? Because God IS love. God loves you because God loves you. God knows more about you than anyone else. He knows every mistake you’ve ever made, and every mistake you’ll ever make. And yet, He still loves you with an unconditional love.

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

26This message is all about the importance of praying for other people. 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 teaches us an important lesson: Asking for prayer is not a sign of weakness. It’s a mark of dependence.

A Lazy Christian is an Oxymoron

27Your work matters to God. There is great value in honest, hard work. Laziness is a landmine that can destroy a person and anyone around that person.

God’s Early Earning System

28The truth is, sometimes committed Christians stumble and fall into sin. The Bible reads like a Who’s Who of spiritual failures. Abraham was a liar; Moses was a murderer; David committed adultery and murder; Peter denied the Lord three times.