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Yesterday: What Do You Believe In?

When you drive you have a tiny rearview mirror and you have a huge windshield. Which one are you spending most of your time looking into? Living life looking in the rearview mirror can be dangerous. Yesterday is a great place to visit, but a terrible place to live.


Are You Worried About America’s Future?

When your world is falling apart and a foreign country is threatening to conquer your country, it would be easy to live by fear. But Habakkuk shows us that there is another way; we can live by faith. His prophecy begins with an “Oh, no! Things are awful!” And he ends with “Oh, yeah! God is in control!”


Is Your Computer (mind) Infected with the Worry Worm?

In our wealthy culture, there are not many of us who worry about whether or not we’ll eat, drink, or wear clothes. We worry more about what we eat, drink, and wear. We worry, “Should I eat a Chick-fil-a or a Papa Murphy’s pizza?” We worry, “Should I get a café latte’ or a mocha? Venti, or Tall?” “Should I wear the black pants, or the khaki?” Decisions, decisions. The truth is that most of us worry about so much more than the basic necessities of life. We worry about terrorism attacks, gas prices, and the stock market. But whatever you worry about, Jesus said that worry is a sin.


Who Cares? God Cares!

Some of you may think God is harsh toward you right now because He’s stirred up your nest. Maybe God knows you’ve been stuck in your comfort zone too long. God loves you so much He is stirring up your life and He may be getting ready to push you out of your nest of complacency. Or you may have already been pushed out and it seems as if you’re plummeting toward a hard landing. Don’t worry God will be there to catch you. It may be terrifying at first, but God knows what He’s doing. Who cares? God cares–like an eagle coaxing its young to fly.


Winning the W.A.R. Over Anxiety

There are things in our lives which are like the frets on the neck of a stringed instrument. And it seems like our patience gets shorter and shorter and our endurance gets tighter and tighter and the pitch of our life grows higher and higher, until it seems like you can hardly stand it.


Don’t Worry–Be Faithful!

The challenges in life can be divided into two broad categories: those things you can’t do anything about (like the weather); and those things you can do something about. Don’t worry about the first category, because there’s nothing you can do about those things. Don’t worry about the second category, because if you can do something—do it, don’t worry about it! Many years ago, I learned a little poem that has helped me overcome worry. It says, “For every evil under the sun, Either there is a cure, or there is none. If there be one, seek ’till you find it. If there be none, never mind it!” Jesus said, “Do not worry” because it’s a waste of time!