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Are You Wired for 220?

Christ in you changes your life. This is only a cup of hot water, but when I drop this tea bag in it, it changes the color and the nature of the water. For the water to exist now is for tea to exist. If the water could talk it might say, “It is no longer I (water) but tea lives in me.” Not many people drink hot water—there isn’t much taste there. But water turned into tea becomes a delicious drink. The tea adds value. Even so, in the Christian life, Christ in you changes your nature. He changes your life from being bland and boring to be exciting and thrilling.


Solomon: The King Who Didn’t Follow His Own Advice

Solomon sowed disobedience; he sowed compromise; he sowed little sins of setting up those little altars and before long the Bible says, “His heart had been turned from God.” How different from his father, because although David was a man who sinned and fell, to the very end he still was a man after God’s own heart.