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The Coming Meltdown of the World System, part 2

What we see in chapter 18 is not the fall of religious Babylon; it is the failure of economic Babylon. “Babylon” is a godless world system led by the Antichrist. The first thing we see is the cause of the destruction. Why is this future commerce system going to fall? Our world is definitely moving toward a unified economic system. If they could, those in high places would make the entire world a one monetary system one system of exchange, because, let’s face it when you are trying to do business in another country, you have to consider the fluctuating exchange rates and there are people who keep talking about the “New World Order” where economically there will be one monetary system. This scripture envisions a time when that has already taken place under the leadership of the Antichrist. However, the time is going to come when it is going to absolutely fall apart.


The Eye of the Storm

What’s it going to be like the first Sunday after Jesus raptures the church? We make jokes about it and say things like, “Mostly deacons will be there in church and most of the choir will be there,” but I want to tell you the first Sunday after Jesus raptures the church, the church buildings are going to be PACKED, because there are going to be some people who know and have heard all about this and when it happens, they are going to realize they were counterfeit Christians and never were saved and now they have been left behind and what a terrible, terrible time it’s going to be!