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How God Turns Failure into Favor

According to the world’s standard, Paul was a failure. He was unpopular. There was usually a mob after him. He spent more time in jail than he did in hotels. He was shipwrecked, beaten, and stoned. According to Ignatius, when Nero was Emperor, Paul was locked in the Mamartine prison in Rome. He was taken from the prison and beheaded, which was a benefit afforded him as a Roman citizen. Beheading was quick death, unlike crucifixion. The moment his head was severed from his body, he was absent from the body and present with the Lord. A failure? Think again. Today we name our sons Paul and our dogs Nero. Why? Because God can turn human failure into heavenly favor.


American Idols

In the 21st Century whenever we talk about idols, we usually visualize ancient religious icons or statues that pagans worshipped–like Baal in the Old Testament or the totem poles of native Americans. Or we think of people in other countries bowing down before statues of Buddha, or Krishna and offering them food and flowers to gain their favor. But an idol doesn’t have to be a thing, it can an attitude or a desire. So don’t think of idolatry as bowing down to a statue or a stick. Are you and American Idol?


God’s Detours: Enjoy the Scenery

Whatever you’re going through right now, don’t forget God has a plan for your life. His plan doesn’t always take you directly from point A to point B. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but the shortest distance between misery and joy is knowing and loving God. Joseph discovered that, and you can, too. Four similarities between life’s detours and actual traffic detours on the highway.


Surviving the Sinkholes of Life

The glorious truth about Joseph’s life is that God was with him all the way. God was with him when He was a cocky teenager, full of pride. God was with him when he was sulking in the pit of despair. God was with Him when he was unjustly thrown in prison. And God was with him when he ruled as Prime Minister in the Palace. If you have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, you can be sure God will never leave you nor forsake you. He is there with you when you find yourself in a sinkhole.


How to Dress for Success

Can you really dress for success? It all depends on your definition of success. If success to you is working harder and harder to advance farther and farther in your career so you can buy more and more toys–then, yes, the way you dress will affect that. The Bible’s definition of success is this: finding and following God’s will.


2000–Now What?

The Bible says that the common people heard Jesus gladly. They loved to be around Jesus. Jesus enjoyed being with people, and people enjoyed being with him. The only people Jesus didn’t get along with were those straight-laced religious hypocrites called the Pharisees and nobody can get along with those people. There are some of those obnoxious people around today. When you love God, you will receive His favor and the favor of others.