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When Jesus Walks into Your Fears

When the disciples were caught in the storm at sea, they couldn’t see Jesus, but the good news was that Jesus could see the disciples. When you’re going through a dark struggle, you may look around and ask, “God where are you?” You may not think you can see God, but you can be certain that God sees you and He cares for you.


The Anchor Holds in Spite of the Storm

In order to fully appreciate the power of this word picture of an anchor, we’ve got to get our symbolism straight. Jesus isn’t the anchor. Hope is the anchor. But the anchor is only as effective as the rock it grabs onto. Jesus is the solid rock that the anchor of hope digs into.


How to Faith the Storms of Life

Sometimes life is good. It’s like a summertime when the living is easy. Fish are jumping and the cotton is high. Your daddy’s rich and your momma’s good looking. There’s certainly no reason to cry when life is like that. And it’s also not a time when your faith is tested. Instead, God tests our faith during the difficult times when the living is hard. Fish aren’t jumping and the cotton is burned. And you have no idea what’s going on with your daddy and momma. That’s when God tests our faith.


How to Storm-Proof Your Life

I’ve often heard God can bless ignorance, but He cannot bless stupidity. Do you know the difference? Stupidity is informed ignorance that refuses to change. Jesus is talking about people who have been informed about God, but they simply ignore Him.

This reminds me of those homeowners in California who build $3 million homes on the side of cliffs for the great view, but whenever there are heavy rains, those same houses go sliding down with the mud. Those elegant structures become mobile homes as they slide down the hill and crash into pieces—yet people keep building their homes there!