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The Greatest Members and the Greatest Gifts

The truth is throughout the history of the church, it has been known as a body that attracted all different kinds of people. You didn’t have to have a certain kind of IQ; you didn’t have to have a certain bank account; you didn’t have to have a certain social standing. The church has always been, “Whosoever will may come.” For that reason the church is made up of all different kinds of people and some are more prominent by the world’s standards than others.


You are a Gifted Child

Every Christian is a minister. That means you serve the Lord in the body through the gifts God has given you. Every Christian has one or more gifts and no Christian who has all of the gifts, because that would make that person a church in and of themselves. So, no Christian has all the spiritual gifts. The Bible also teaches there is no gift that EVERY Christian has. We are also going to learn that gifts without love are useless. This is just a reminder of the definition of spiritual gifts.