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And Now for Some Really Good News

It’s not a question of whether you have faith, because everyone has faith. When you mail a letter you’re putting faith in the postal system. When you drive over a bridge you’re putting trust in the architect and builders of that bridge. The key question is: In what (or whom) are you placing your ultimate faith?


Are You Enjoying Your Inheritance?

Paul said there’s a kind of Christian that caused him to thank God when he thought about them. This is what I call a healthy Christian. There are two marks of a healthy Christian according to the apostle, Paul. Number one is faith in Jesus. You cannot be a Christian unless you put your faith in Jesus. But it is not your faith that saves you. It’s your faith in JESUS that saves you. It’s the object of your faith. You can have a ton of faith but if it is in the wrong thing, it won’t help you a bit.