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The Tragedy of Spiritual Blindness

It’s pretty easy to sit here two thousand years after the fact and take long-range pot shots at the Pharisees who opposed Jesus. But the sad truth is we have many 21st Century Pharisees in our churches today. John 9:35-41.


Here’s Mud in Your Eye

Jesus said we are wrong when we try to find a cause and effect reason for every person who has a disability or is suffering.


The Arrest and Trial of an Innocent Man

There were two stages to the trial of Jesus, the Jewish trial before Caiaphas and the Roman trial before Pilate. The Jewish trial was actually illegal, because the Jewish Talmud stated, “The members of the court may not alertly and intelligently hear the testimony against the accused during the hours of darkness.” This trial was taking place in the wee hours of the morning, after midnight. As you might imagine, there have been dozens of lawsuits filed before the current Israeli Supreme Court proposing the legal charges against Jesus be dropped on the basis of the trial at night. To this point the Israeli Supreme Court has declined to hear any of those cases.


Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

There are about 10 million legally blind people in America today. Most of those are visually impaired with correctable vision. But many live in total darkness. Bartimaeus was not only blind; he was a beggar. Everyday Bart sat beside the road holding out his hand and asking for money. So when he heard Jesus was passing nearby, he shouted out to Jesus for help in spite of the crowd’s attempt to silence him.


When Your Situation Seems Impossible

What if we started seeing supernatural miracles occur here every Sunday morning, do you think more people would believe? Let’s imagine, for instance, that every Sunday God gave me the ability to levitate and float around this room while I preached. We’d have bigger crowds but we wouldn’t have more believers.


The World’s Strongest Man

So, what is the unforgivable sin? Let me tell you what it is NOT. It is not murder. Moses was a murderer and he’ll be in heaven. The unforgivable sin is not adultery. King David committed adultery and God forgave him. It’s not divorce. The woman at the well had multiple divorces and she was forgiven. It is not suicide. Suicide is self-murder and it is no different from homicide—both are forgivable. Once you are a Christian, you don’t have to confess every single sin you commit in order to go to heaven. We confess our sins to stay in fellowship with God, but when you surrender your life to Christ, every past sin you’ve committed and every future sin you will ever commit is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.


Has Jesus Touched Your Eyes?

the Bible teaches we were all blind until Jesus touched our lives and gave us the light of salvation. And you and I live with people who are spiritually blind. They are stumbling over themselves trying to find spiritual truth through crystals, meditation, or the newest and latest new age fad. Satan has blinded their minds.