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Moving from Sorrow to Joy

PETRIFIED On the night before the cross, the eleven disciples were clueless. They were literally and figuratively in the dark. It was the middle of the night before the cross. Jesus knew He would be crucified in a few hours, but the disciples were confused and afraid. John 16:16-33.


Finding Strength Through Sorrow

Sorrow is never a pleasant experience, but neither was castor oil as a kid, but my mom gave that to me sometimes! Like castor oil, sorrow is bitter, but it can make us better.


God is Touched by Our Tears

Throughout my ministry, I’ve seen Jesus do the same thing. I’ve seen Jesus give a wayward rebellious son or daughter back to his or her parents. I’ve seen Jesus take a sorry, alcoholic husband, clean him up and present him back to his wife and children. I’ve see Jesus take a wayward wife and give her back to her family. Jesus is the business of healing broken relationships.


Don’t Waste Your Sorrows

As long as we are cruising along, we have everything under control and we can handle it. We are not depending on God. So, one reason God allows suffering is so we will depend on him. I didn’t say God causes suffering, but he allows it. Here’s another reason, because suffering shows us the value of God’s grace. Sometimes, we think grace was just something way back yonder when we got saved. It was grace that brought about the forgiveness of our sins, but we forget that God’s grace is active right now, present tense.