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The Magnetism of the Cross

POLAR OPPOSITES There are three different ways people react to the preaching of the cross. (1) Some are repelled by the thought of a messy, bloody cross. They want a nice clean, sanitary religion. (2) Others have no response. They have no interest in hearing about how a man died on a Roman cross two thousand years ago. (3) For many, the cross is like a magnet, drawing them to it. John 12:27-36.


Look and Live!

Here is one of the best examples of God’s grace in the Old Testament. The Israelites, who had a proven track record of rebellion, unbelief, and nagging didn’t deserve a cure for the snake bites. But because it is God’s nature, God graciously provided a means for healing. He had Moses make a brass snake and put it on a pole. Then God said, “Whoever looks at the serpent will be healed.”


Living in the Shadow of the Cross

Jesus lived in the shadow of the cross, and so should we. There’s only one safe place to find refuge from the judgment of God against sin—and that’s in the Shadow of the Cross. There’s no other way to be saved except through the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Snakes in the Wilderness

From the very moment Satan slithered his slimy existence before Eve, there has been something sssinister and sssinful and ssscary about sssnakes! A study of the nation of Israel’s rebellion against God and the swift punishment they received.