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The Coming Meltdown of the World System, part 1

The last thing we can know about this false religious system that is going to be operating during the time of the Tribulation is it will be betrayed by the Antichrist. That’s the amazing thing. God won’t have to destroy it. The Antichrist will destroy it.


The Gathering at Armageddon

The main part of this message deals with the strategy of judgement. The seven-year period of Tribulation follows a chronological framework of the three series of sevens. There were seven seals, seven trumpets and now we come to the third series of sevens: The seven bowls (or vials) of wrath that are going to be poured out. What are these seven bowls of wrath?


The Sky is Falling…Really!

In the Bible there is a highly organized strata and structure to angelic organizations. We don’t get all the details about it, but anytime you read the words “principalities and powers” that’s a word that means ranks of order, both the good angels and the fallen angels. In Ephesians chapter 6 when it says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.” Have you ever wondered what those words meant? It means against the organized, structured ranks of demons. God’s angels are organized with archangels and the other angels we are talking about. So these seven trumpet angels appear and they are going to be the ones who blow these trumpets to announce judgment on the earth.