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Love That Serves

Michael Gossett

WHAT’S YOUR ANGLE? It is hard to find authenticity in this world. It’s hard to know what is true, it is hard to know what’s genuine. It seems as if that all of us are expecting some sort of angle. Even the way that you watch the news, even the way that you deal with others. At times we like we have some sort of guard up against our neighbor, against those around us, because we are assuming that they are working with some type of angle in mind. Mark 10:35-45.


How to Treat Your Friends and Enemies

David Dykes

THE FRIEND At the Last Supper, Jesus told His disciples that starting that night, He would call them friends, not servants. It is a revolutionary truth that we can be friends with our Creator. Abraham was called a friend of God. The Bible said Moses spoke to God face to face as a man speaks to a friend. When Jesus was told that Lazarus had died, He said, “Our friend, Lazarus has gone to sleep, but I’m going to wake him up.” John 15:12-27. Audio TBA.


Clean Feet in a Dirty World

SECURITY Once you come to Christ, that relationship is secure forever. God is your Father and you are a child of God. Nothing can change the relationship. But as we walk in a dirty world, we sometimes still stumble into sin. So to stay in fellowship with the Lord we come to Him and regularly confess our sins to Him. John 13:1-17.


Jesus Saves the Best for Last

I like the fact that this was a quiet miracle. Because miracles don’t have to be loud to be miracles. There was no word of command, no hysterical shouting, no laying on of hands, or the binding of Satan. There was no hocus-pocus or mumbo jumbo. Jesus didn’t even touch the water. The water simply became wine.


Get Ready, Get Set, GROW!

Loving your neighbor as you love yourself simply means you see yourself as God sees you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, but we are all made with flaws. But God loves us in spite of our imperfections. You and I are trophies of His grace. When you see yourself as a sinner saved by grace, but deeply loved by God, you are free to love others.


What’s in it for Me?

Whenever you study the Bible you should always ask yourself these two words: SO WHAT? Now that I’ve learned this, what changes will this make in my life? Here’s a good answer: Because Jesus gave His life away for us, we should give our lives away in service to others. I’m so glad that when Jesus approached the cross He didn’t stop and ask, “What’s in it for me?” He knew what was in it for us—our salvation and our liberation. So, take off your WIIFM t-shirt and start living a life of service to others.


Church: Where God Sets the Lonely in a Family

The church isn’t a club; it isn’t an institution; it isn’t an organization; it’s a family. Everybody needs a family. Whether you’re young, old, single or married, you need a family. Loneliness is the reason so many people are desperate.


Hope to Hang in There

Are you tempted to give up and quit? Maybe God has given you a dream or a vision and it hasn’t happened yet. You want to give up—but don’t. Hang in there. Maybe you’ve been praying for something to happen for a long time and God hasn’t answered your prayer—don’t give up. Keep on praying. Keep on trusting. You may be in a bad situation, and you don’t know how you’re going to make it. Hang in there and hang on. Don’t give up!


The Growth Gene: A Disciple Grows up Spiritually

Age has nothing to do with emotional maturity. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Everyone grows old, but not everyone grows up.” The same is true spiritually. How long you have been a Christian may not be a reflection of your spiritual maturity.


Down But Not Out

You may be struggling and hurting right now because of all the personal pain you’re having to endure. You may be pressured, but you WON’T be crushed; you may be perplexed, but you WON’T be left in despair; you may be attacked and persecuted, but you WON’T be abandoned by God; you might even be knocked down, but you WON’T be knocked out!


Blind-Sighted by God

Paul says Satan’s plan is to place a “think” veil between God’s truth and the mind of an unbeliever. There are at least three truths Satan wants to keep covered from you. He wants to conceal the truth that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. He whispers, “You’re a good person, you don’t need Jesus.” Satan also wants to conceal the truth about Jesus. He doesn’t mind you thinking that Jesus was a great teacher like Plato or Buddha. He just doesn’t want you to believe Jesus is the sinless Son of God and the only way to heaven. Satan even wants to hide the truth about who he is. Satan doesn’t want you to believe in him, or to bow down and worship him. In fact, he wants to stay incognito. If you tell a person without Christ that Satan is blinding their minds the most common answer you’ll get is, “That’s impossible! I don’t even BELIEVE in the devil!” You don’t have to believe in the law of gravity to fall on your face either, but it’s real.


It’s All About Reaching the Goal

There are some interesting parallels between football and being a Christian. In the same way, before you can move on to the deeper truths about God, you must begin with the fundamentals—a belief in God; prayer; Bible Study; belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Four ways in which football and the Christian faith are alike.


A Tale of Two Sisters

Most people tend to be a Mary or a Martha. Christian women know what I mean when I say that. Generally speaking, Marys tend to be quieter and more contemplative and Marthas are highly driven, organized and outspoken.


Down in the Valley With Jesus

Why do people want to look at things from above? I don’t know if I would feel close to God in a lawn chair at 11,000 feet but I do enjoy a good mountaintop experience. When you are on a mountaintop, you see how big the world is that God made and it makes you feels smaller. In the Bible, some important events took place on mountains. Perhaps you’ve had some mountaintop experiences. Nobody wants to come down from the mountaintop. Mountaintop experiences are wonderful, but you have to be sure you leave the mountain to go down in the valley with Jesus.


Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts

One source of frustration in the church is that people are trying to do the wrong ministry, play the wrong instrument. That is tragic. But do you know what is even worse than that is having your instrument, but refusing to play it. Everybody in this church has been given a special gift that nobody else has, when you mix it with your personality and your own gifts and abilities. If you are just sitting there with your instrument, refusing to play it, there is a part of the symphony that is missing. You need me. I need you. We all need to be playing together. No person is a one-man band.


The Résumé of a Real Christian

Have you ever wondered what the apostle Paul looked like? While it is true we do not have any written eyewitness description of Jesus’ physical appearance, we have a fairly reliable one for Paul the apostle. A pastor living in the second century (which means the 100s) who perhaps as a child had actually seen Paul, describes him: “A man small of stature with a bald head and crooked legs in a good state of body, with eyebrows meeting and nose somewhat hooked, full of friendliness for now he appeared like a man, and now he had the face of an angel.” Can you just see this little man so full of energy? Before he became a Christian, he was full of energy for the wrong thing, but once he was tamed and changed by Jesus Christ, he used his energy for the right cause. Three ways Paul was changed by Jesus.


The Greatest Members and the Greatest Gifts

The truth is throughout the history of the church, it has been known as a body that attracted all different kinds of people. You didn’t have to have a certain kind of IQ; you didn’t have to have a certain bank account; you didn’t have to have a certain social standing. The church has always been, “Whosoever will may come.” For that reason the church is made up of all different kinds of people and some are more prominent by the world’s standards than others.


A Dynamic Duo

The greatest relationships in this life are lived in sacrifice with other believers. Timothy and Epaphroditus serve as examples of how ordinary men can live lives of service, exhibiting extraordinary humility and sacrifice.