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On the Road with Him

Do you know why God created mankind? He wanted to have some people with whom He could relate—somebody He could talk to and walk with. In Genesis we read after God created man and woman, He walked with them in the garden of Eden in the cool of the evening. He wanted to have a fellowship with them. After they disobeyed God’s orders, their sin ruined that fellowship. On the evening they sinned, God came walking through the Garden and Adam and Eve hid from Him. In Genesis 3:9 God asked the first question recorded in the Bible. “Where are you?” He knew where they were, He just wanted them to admit why they were hiding. At that point, they fell out of their relationship with God. Since that time, God has been bringing men and women back into a right relationship with Him. He still wants to walk with you and talk with you on a daily basis. But some people are still hiding from God.