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When Jesus was in a Feast Fight

It’s true that time flies—but you’re the pilot. God has gifted you with a certain amount of time, and you get to choose how you will spend most of it. So how are most people spending their time these days? We’re all a bunch of screenagers.


David: The King of Person God Uses

It had to be tough on David knowing he was anointed the next king and here was Saul, whom the spirit of God had left. Here was a holy man in the presence of an unholy person, yet he submitted to him and the Bible says he served Saul. God was trying to prepare David. David was out in the field taking care of the sheep and wild beasts came. By killing those wild beasts he knew that when a giant of a beast stood before him he could do it. But he also had to deal with another beast, a human beast named Saul. Throughout his life David was going to have to deal with difficult people sometimes in his own family. God was preparing him for that.


Saul: The Man Who Could Not Be King

Are you aware there is something we may call the “perfect will of God?” There is something that has sometimes been called the “permissive will of God;” it’s not God’s perfect will, but he allows it and then he takes it from that point. God has a perfect will for your life and if you don’t stay completely on track with that, there are some times that God will give you what you ask for. Israel wanted a king. God did not want them to have a king, but he permitted them to have a king and they got what they asked for. This is true in our lives sometimes when we seek that which is less than God’s best.


When the Glory has Departed

God is real! If you make the mistake of robbing him in an offering and trying to use him for your own gain, you are going to experience misery but when you repent that’s when God will be there to help you!