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The Day Jesus Got Good and Mad

Some people think all anger is sinful, and they have a hard time justifying that Jesus got angry, because Jesus was supposed to be sinless. He was. The Bible talks about different kinds of anger. Some anger is harmful and destructive. But there is a kind of anger that is holy and just.


Stop Chasing Shadows!

Many well-meaning Christians are chasing shadows: They are still trying to please God by keeping religious rules and observing religious rituals. An examination of some of the substitutes for grace, and the differences between legalism-based churches and grace-based churches.


What CAN You Do on the Sabbath Day?

If you are caught in a religion that is just a bunch of rules and regulations, get out of it! Stop living a counterfeit Christianity and allow Him to teach you about His Sabbath rest; not a day but a lifestyle of resting in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.