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Oh, What a Foretaste of Glory Divine!

When Jesus was on the mountain, the Bible says He was transfigured. Jesus was changed from an ordinary looking man into a figure of light with brilliant beams radiating from his body. The reason His clothes became white was from the light emanating from His body. This is a very important event in Jesus’ life, because it confirms He was not merely a man. He was God in the flesh. For most of His 33 years of human existence, His human flesh obscured and veiled His Deity. But at this time, His true divine nature was revealed.


God’s Impeccable Sense of Timing

Timing is everything. Those of you that invest in the stock market, you know it’s not so much what you buy or sell, it’s when you buy or sell. Timing is more important than time. Today, we’re going to learn about God’s perfect sense of timing.


The King is Coming!

A lot of people get confused about the dual aspect of the return of Christ because some say, “I thought the Bible says that when Jesus comes back he’s going to come back like a thief in the night, suddenly, silently, secretively.” What we are studying today and elsewhere in the Bible says when he comes, he’ll come in mighty power and every eye will see him. Which one is it? because it certainly can’t be both. It IS both, because when Jesus comes to rapture the church–which could happen at any moment–he literally won’t come to planet Earth. The Bible says we’ll meet him in the clouds and all the true Christians will be caught up to be with Jesus. We’ll be in heaven from that time all the way during the Tribulation and that’s when he is coming silently, secretively, like a thief in the night but at the end of this Tribulation he will come like we are talking about today. This is when he is coming in power and might and majesty and every eye will see him.