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What Will Life Be Like in Heaven?

In Heaven, our relationship with the Living God will be so powerful our earthly relationships will seem to be insignificant in comparison. And contrary to popular folklore, when we die, we DO NOT become angels—we become LIKE the angels. Our transformed bodies, our eternal bodies, will be like the resurrection body of Jesus.


In-Tents Living

Give me a home anytime rather than a tent! That’s what the Bible promises us. This body is susceptible to pain, weariness, and hunger. Our resurrection body will be like the body of our Lord. In heaven there will be no pain, no sorrow, no sickness and death. That’s why death isn’t a scary subject for a follower of Jesus Christ.


Death: The Last Frontier

Jesus said there are only two destinies at the point of death: Hell or Paradise. Some of you are probably wondering how a loving God could send people to hell. Most people don’t even believe in hell. According to the Gallup polls, 68% of Americans believe there is a heaven—almost 7 out of 10 people. But only 43% believe there is a hell. People deny the fact there is a hell. And if there is a hell, why would God send people there?