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How to Have Healthy Relationships

Paul concludes his long section on the second coming by telling the Thessalonians to encourage one another and build each other up. Then he tells them how to build each other up.


The Group Gene: A Disciple Grows up Relationally

There’s more to the Christian life than just believing. It’s important for Christians to belong. The best way to build Christian relationships is to be a part of small group where someone will know your name and where you can enjoy fellowship and ministry.


Radioactive Relationships

There are three great promises of God that should motivate us to want to avoid the dangerous radioactive relationships that are possible. Now, you could approach this by emphasizing the negative: I will keep away from the wrong kind of people. But a much better approach would be to focus on the positive: I will desire to have a dynamic relationship with my Father. As you desire to love God more and more, you’ll find that the desire for the wrong kinds of relationships will naturally fall away.


Connected Through Your Creator

I’m amazed by how many Christians report they have never received a message directly from God. What are you listening for? Are you waiting for an audible voice? Or are you looking for God to write a message across the sky in letters a hundred feet tall? Or perhaps you check your email every day to get a message from [email protected]. Don’t hold your breath. You need to know God speaks to His children through His written Word, the Bible.


How to Deal with Difficult People

When God is trying to teach you how to love, don’t think for one moment He is going to send some wonderful, kind, sweet, loveable person into your life. He’s going to toss some old bear of a person into your life and He’s going to say, “You love on that one for awhile, and then I’ll send you another one.” That’s the challenge. That’s why He said, “This is why you need my power to do it.”