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A Dream of Fields

We are surrounded by people who are living miserable lives. They have no peace, no joy, and no hope of life getting any better. It’s our job to tell them, “You know, I used to be like that, but what a wonderful change in my life has occurred since Jesus came into my heart.” If you’ve been changed, you’ll want to share your story.


Evang-SOW-lism: The More You Plant, the Greater the Harvest!

This is a religious area. With almost 500 churches in Smith County, you’d think that this area would be the purest, most moral, most ethical, most law- abiding place on the planet. But there’s a difference between religion and righteousness. I think when Jesus looks at Tyler He feels the same way he did when he looked at Jerusalem. It’s a city full of religious people, but many people who don’t really know God.