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Give Me Liberty…or Give Me Legalism

When we live under the liberty of grace, we admit we are powerless to help ourselves. There’s a reason why that’s the first statement in the 12 steps of AA and in Celebrate Recovery. When a person is in bondage to an addiction, they will remain in chains as long as they try to help themselves. They think, “I can fix this. I can do better. I can live better.” But it’s only when they admit that they are powerless, that they begin the journey to wholeness, healing, and restoration. The same is true about the Christian life.


Don’t Go Back!

All the rules and regulations of the Old Testament are only shadows of the real thing and Jesus is the real thing. If Jesus walked up to you to shake your hand would you ignore Him and try to shake hands with His shadow? That’s legalism.


The Parable of Stones and Snakes

The Golden Rule is greatly misunderstood in our world. Some people think it’s a formula for getting into heaven. Ask some people if they’re going to heaven and they say, “Well, I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.” This isn’t a formula for salvation. It’s a description of how God’s children will act like our heavenly Dad by showing them the same kindness that He has shown us.