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Moving Forward By Faith

God really does have a sense of humor. The devil was trying to wipe out the Jews and he ended up paying the food bill, the diaper bill, and the clothing bill for child who would deliver the Jews from slavery.


Figs, Faith and Forgiveness

When the winds of adversity blow into your life is that what happens to you? “There goes my faith in God.” When mountains too tall to climb stand in your way and block your progress is that your response? “There goes my faith in God.” The solution to any problem in your life is simply this: Have faith in God. The answer to any need in your life is: Have faith in God.


How to Kill Those Pesky Giants

When David heard Goliath’s threat, he knew the enemy was there before him and he said, “We have to do something about this!” Before you ever succeed in battle you have to identify who your giant is. Your giant may be your temper. It may be lust; it may be a financial problem; it may be some personal problem you have. Before you can ever conquer your giant, you have to identify your giant.