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History’s Greatest Mystery Solved

Paul suffered more than most of us can imagine. By his own admission in 2 Corinthians he had been beaten eight times, shipwrecked three times, and once was stoned so badly they left him for dead. But rather than complaining about all his suffering, he boasted about them–he rejoiced in his suffering! He had uncovered a mystery that enabled him to deal with pain and adversity with a positive attitude.


The Greatest Mystery

If I were to give you a choice between suffering a little bit or being free from suffering, you would say, “I choose to be free from suffering. I don’t want to suffer.” I don’t know anybody who has this attitude: “Man, I can’t wait to suffer some more. I am looking forward so much to suffering this next week, I can hardly wait!” No. The mystery is that even though we suffer, it can bring glory to God and it can work out for good to us.