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The Great Commission or the Great Omission?

What is your part? Everyone can pray. Everyone can love lost people. Everyone can give something, some a little and some a lot. And some of you are hearing God’s call to leave your comfort zone to discover the adventure of being on mission for your Creator.


Proper Protocol for Ambassadors

We are Ambassadors for Christ. We are the only exposure to Jesus many people will ever see. That’s why we should live lives of loving kindness toward others. To show them that Jesus loves them. That’s why we should always try to live in such a way that no shame or dishonor is attached to the name of Jesus.


Preaching Where Christ is Not Known

The problem with many American Christians is that to you Christianity is just such a personal thing; you don’t ever want to share it. You have your ticket to heaven, you have your eternal fire insurance, and frankly, you don’t really care whether anybody else goes to heaven or not. We’re like a bunch of people using first aid on ourselves, when there are hurting people all around us. If you’re content to hang on to the gospel and not share it with anybody else, you don’t share the missionary heart of the Apostle Paul.