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Jesus Saves the Best for Last

I like the fact that this was a quiet miracle. Because miracles don’t have to be loud to be miracles. There was no word of command, no hysterical shouting, no laying on of hands, or the binding of Satan. There was no hocus-pocus or mumbo jumbo. Jesus didn’t even touch the water. The water simply became wine.


The Beauty of Extravagant Worship

Never miss the opportunity to worship. You never know when will be the last chance to worship God. This lesson also applies to showing love and appreciation to people as well. Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love him or her, because you never know when you’ll have another chance.


Is Your Computer (mind) Infected with the Worry Worm?

In our wealthy culture, there are not many of us who worry about whether or not we’ll eat, drink, or wear clothes. We worry more about what we eat, drink, and wear. We worry, “Should I eat a Chick-fil-a or a Papa Murphy’s pizza?” We worry, “Should I get a café latte’ or a mocha? Venti, or Tall?” “Should I wear the black pants, or the khaki?” Decisions, decisions. The truth is that most of us worry about so much more than the basic necessities of life. We worry about terrorism attacks, gas prices, and the stock market. But whatever you worry about, Jesus said that worry is a sin.


The Miracle of the Escape to Egypt

What are we to think about those little boys who were killed by Herod? God delivered Jesus, Joseph, and Mary—why didn’t He protect the other children? I don’t know why God chooses to protect some and not others. As we learned earlier, God’s ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. However, I do believe these little boys will occupy a special place in heaven. Stephen is often called the first Christian martyr, but these little boys were actually the first Christian martyrs. They were the first to shed their blood for the One who would later shed His blood for them. I believe God the Father welcomed them into heaven and gave them the special prominence only reserved for His martyrs.


The Miracle of the Virgin Birth

An interesting thing about the list of names in Jesus’ genealogy is some of the people on the list we might think weren’t spiritually qualified. For instance: Rahab (who was once a prostitute) and Ruth (who was not Jewish, but Moabite). There are some pretty lousy kings who made the list too. Manasseh was one of the worst kings in Israel’s history. The Bible says he led Israel into sin and did more evil than any other king. The point is that God can use all kinds of people. If He can redeem the life of a former hooker, an unclean Gentile, and a lousy king, do not be surprised that He can make something special of your life, even if your past is less than perfect.


Mary, Now We Know

Certainly Mary was shocked and amazed to receive the news from Gabriel that she would be the mother of God. I’m sure she had a lot of questions, but she placed her trust in God, with whom nothing is impossible. Two thousand years later we have a lot more answers about Jesus. And examination of six profound questions that might have been in the mind of Mary.


Mary Had a Little Lamb

I love to read about the great characters of the Bible, because the Bible doesn’t try to cover up their mistakes and sins. Noah was a great man, but he got drunk and laid around naked—two of his sons had to cover him up. When he woke up he cursed his other son for looking at him naked.

Abraham was a great man, but when he visited Egypt, he lied and said Sarah was his sister instead of his wife. Jacob was a man of faith, but he had history of dirty deals. Moses did some great things, but he murdered a man. King David, a man after God’s own heart, committed adultery and murder. Even the big fisherman writing this letter denied he knew Jesus and cursed in front of a teenage girl. The Bible is about real people who made tons of real mistakes.


A Tale of Two Sisters

Most people tend to be a Mary or a Martha. Christian women know what I mean when I say that. Generally speaking, Marys tend to be quieter and more contemplative and Marthas are highly driven, organized and outspoken.


Have You Recognized Jesus?

The account of Jesus when he was introduced to Simeon and Anna, who were expecting the Messiah to come, and when they saw Him, even though He was still an infant, they recognized Him for who He was.


The Day God Became a Baby

The birth of Jesus was an amazing experience of God taking on a human form. A study of the miracles Mary pondered and the message God proclaimed.


When Your Heart is Full, You Just Have to Sing!

Have you ever had an experience of worship like Mary’s? Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with God that your heart is bursting with praise? That’s God plan for each of us. The story of Mary and Elizabeth.


The Blessed Virgin Mary

Luke’s description of the birth of Jesus is far more detailed than any other gospel writer. In order to help us grasp the fullest significance of who Jesus Christ was and what He accomplished, Luke takes us back to the very beginning of Jesus’ life. He describes more fully than any other gospel writer the announcement of John the Baptist’s birth and the announcement of Jesus’ birth, then the birth of John and the birth of Jesus. By describing the origin of John and the origin of Jesus side by side he shows how their destinies dovetail in God’s plan, but also how Jesus is vastly superior to his forerunner.