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Sharing the Passover Meal with Jesus

The night before the cross. Jesus gathered with His Disciples for a night of firsts and lasts. You might say it was last official Passover meal, and at the same time it was the first Lord’s Supper meal. Here we are two thousand years later, part of millions of Christians who still connect with the Lord through the bread and the cup.


Uninvited Guests at the Last Supper

Judas represents all the people who have the outward appearance of being a follower of Jesus, but they have never been cleansed from within. These are people speak the correct religious jargon, they give their money to their church, they attend the services, but they have never been cleansed from their sinful condition. Don’t be too quick to condemn Judas. He serves as a warning to us all that we can be close to the things of Jesus, yet in your heart be as spiritually dead as Judas, for God reveals all of us has a Benedict Arnold and a Judas inside of us. His name is Adam, Old Adam, Nature, Sinful Nature. He would like nothing more than to betray Jesus for money or fame. He would like nothing more than to hand Jesus over to his enemies.