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Our Life in Christ

David Dykes

When we go out with a burdened heart, weeping for the lost, and plant lots of seeds, there will be a harvest and we will rejoice when we see how many people have come to Christ due to the seeds we sowed. 1 John 1:1-4.


Oh, What a Foretaste of Glory Divine!

When Jesus was on the mountain, the Bible says He was transfigured. Jesus was changed from an ordinary looking man into a figure of light with brilliant beams radiating from his body. The reason His clothes became white was from the light emanating from His body. This is a very important event in Jesus’ life, because it confirms He was not merely a man. He was God in the flesh. For most of His 33 years of human existence, His human flesh obscured and veiled His Deity. But at this time, His true divine nature was revealed.


We Are Family

Knowing Jesus isn’t the same thing as knowing facts about Jesus. I know facts about Abraham Lincoln, but I don’t know Abraham Lincoln. I know facts about Dwight D. Eisenhower, and I can say, “I like Ike.” But I never had the privilege of meeting President Eisenhower. But I met Jesus when I was nine years old and he’s more real to me than the carpet on this floor. He’s more real to me than the wood, concrete, and steel in this building. Because one day, all this will be gone, but Jesus will still be large and in charge.


Sell Out and Buy Up!

What if I told you there was an investment you could make and your return would make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? Would you be interested? Of course, you’d probably be skeptical because we all know about Bernie Madoff and the other investment scammers out there with their “get-rich-quick schemes.” But what if I could convince you this investment would really pay off a thousand-fold? How much would you be willing to invest? Would you invest just a little, or would you sell out everything you have and buy up all of that investment you could?


I Saw the Light

It’s interesting to notice the different ways animals respond to light. When a cockroach is exposed to the light, it goes scampering toward the nearest darkness. Deer often freeze. Moths fly right toward the light. People respond in different ways, too. You may be running from Jesus. Or you may be frozen by fear or doubt. But God wants you to turn from your darkness and run into the God’s light.