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When Jesus was in a Feast Fight

It’s true that time flies—but you’re the pilot. God has gifted you with a certain amount of time, and you get to choose how you will spend most of it. So how are most people spending their time these days? We’re all a bunch of screenagers.


Who Appointed YOU Judge Judy?!

When we judge others while ignoring our own faults, Jesus says we’re a hypocrite. That means that we playing a part—we’re acting—rather than being real. We can evaluate other people, but we must realize our evaluation will always be limited to the fact that we can’t see inside a person’s heart. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 16:7, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” To put it another way, I can judge what you do, but I cannot judge WHY you do it. I can judge what you say, but I cannot judge WHY you say it: Only God can.


God’s Four Universal Laws

These four laws are irrefutable. They cannot be broken. If you jump off a 50-story building, you don’t break the law of gravity–you only demonstrate it. Do yourself a favor and observe all four of these simple but profound spiritual laws: Don’t judge; don’t condemn; forgive; and give!


The Law Written on Your Heart

Our judgment is not like God’s judgment. Man’s judgment is blind, not only to all the evidence, but we are blind to our own mistakes. We all have blind spots in our character that a lot of other people can see, but we can’t see them. Paul says, “You are doing a dangerous thing when you judge other people because you may be guilty of the same thing.” God’s judgment is perfect. God’s judgment is perfect! He has no flaws, no character deficiencies, so His judgment is perfect because His character is perfect.