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And the Reward Goes to…!

Opportunities to serve God yesterday are gone, but you have the rest of today and the rest of your life to serve Him, so that when you stand before Him you can cast your crowns at his feet and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”


When the Roll is Called up Yonder…Who’ll Be There?

Will there be a roll call up there? Well, we’re going to learn in this message that God not only loves the whole world of humanity, but He loves individuals enough to write their names down in a book in heaven, and Jesus said we should rejoice, because our names are written there.


Preparing for Your Final Appointment

The foundation of salvation is Jesus Christ, but we are all building a superstructure of Christian service, some using gold, silver, precious stones, that means it really lasts, it’s permanent, some using wood, hay and stubble, that means it’s perishable, temporary. But when we stand before the Lord, he’ll try it with the fire of his eyes and he’ll pass out rewards. Some of you are thinking you don’t want any rewards. That’s the point. If you’re serving the Lord for rewards, you won’t get any but if you’re serving the Lord because you love him and because you obey him, you can’t help but get rewards. He is the one determining it—not you.