Joshua Tag

Moving Forward By Faith

God really does have a sense of humor. The devil was trying to wipe out the Jews and he ended up paying the food bill, the diaper bill, and the clothing bill for child who would deliver the Jews from slavery.


Take Possession of Your Promised Land!

The book of Joshua is one of the most exciting books in all of the Bible. It reads like an action novel. But it is much more than an historical record of Israel’s military conquest of Canaan. It is a powerful picture of how every follower of Jesus can experience victory. In order to understand this exciting truth, it’s important to study the book of Joshua in its historical context. It’s a story of a group of people who moved from Egypt to the Promised Land.


We’ve Never Been This Way Before

The word “consecrate” isn’t too familiar today, but it basically means to set your life apart for God’s use. Occasionally, I will make reservations at a nice restaurant for Cindy and myself. We will be escorted to “our table” and sometimes there is a little card on the table reading, “Reserved for David and Cindy Dykes.” That table has been “consecrated” or “reserved” for our use; nobody else is going to use it while we are there. When you consecrate yourself, you are saying, “God, my life is reserved exclusively for You.”


The Tragedy of “Secret Sin”

I want to talk to you about the tragedy of “secret” sin. I put quotes around it is because no sin is secret. You just THINK it is secret. Achan thought what he did was a personal “secret” sin. I don’t want you to think so much about Achan tonight and I don’t want you to think so much about any other person who might have committed the kind of sin we are talking about tonight and covered it up. I want you to discover if there is any hidden secret sin in your life.


Joshua DIDN’T Fight the Battle of Jericho

When God tells us to do things sometimes in the word, we look at it and we say, “Why?” That’s not the right response. We should just obey the Lord and not ask why, because God is trying to get us ready for even bigger and better things. Sometimes when God tells us to do simple things in the word of God, we want to look at and say, “Why would we do that? We want bigger and better things!” God is just training us. He is getting us ready.