John Tag

Believe and Live! Exploring the Gospel of John

A Tomb with a View

David Dykes

Mary thought Jesus was the gardener so she said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, please show me where you put him and I will get him.” That’s love. Maybe Mary weighed 110 pounds. Let’s assume Jesus weighed 180, and John tells us that Nicodemus and Joseph had wrapped His body in 75 additional pounds of aloe and spices. So this little woman was willing to heft a corpse weighing over 250 pounds on her shoulder and carry it back inside the tomb. That’s love. Her hope was shattered, and her faith was absent, but her love was still there. John 20:1-18.


What’s in it for Me?

Whenever you study the Bible you should always ask yourself these two words: SO WHAT? Now that I’ve learned this, what changes will this make in my life? Here’s a good answer: Because Jesus gave His life away for us, we should give our lives away in service to others. I’m so glad that when Jesus approached the cross He didn’t stop and ask, “What’s in it for me?” He knew what was in it for us—our salvation and our liberation. So, take off your WIIFM t-shirt and start living a life of service to others.


And First Place Goes to…

The world determines greatness by how many servants a person has; but in God’s Kingdom, greatness is determined by how many people you serve. In God’s kingdom, first place goes to the servants, to the people the world puts at the back of the line of prominence.


When Doubts Arise…

If you ever have doubts, you are in pretty good company. Sometimes those closest to Jesus expressed doubts.


The Bitter-Sweet Book

I could go on and on and on about the sweetness of the word of God but, there is more to the word of God than the sweet promises of God. There is the distasteful reality of the judgement and the wrath of God.


What will it be like in Heaven?

Do any of you have a hobby where you create things? Maybe you do a little woodworking in your shop. And when somebody asks why, you say, “I just enjoy doing it.” It’s an awesome thought, but do you know why God created this planet? It just gave him pleasure. An angel said, “God, why did you create earth? Why did you create the heavens? Why did you create all of those people in Tyler, Texas?” God said, “It just gives me pleasure to do it. I enjoy the fellowship and the praise these, my creatures, give to me.” I’ll tell you what. When we get to heaven, we are going to know who is boss and who is worthy of praise!


This is Dedicated to the One Who Loves Me

Revelation is the only book in the Bible that has a blessing promised at the beginning and a warning posted at the end. Revelation 1:3 “Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.” We all know we are blessed when we study and read God’s word but this is the only book in the Bible that promises a specific blessing to the people who not only read it and hear it, but especially those who obey the things that are found in it.