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Glory in a Manger

Michael Gossett

How God revealed his character, kingdom and eternal hope in the manger. Luke 2:1-20.


The Fullness of Empty

The manger is empty so we can be filled with the truth about God. The cross is empty so we can be filled with forgiveness. And the tomb is empty so we can be filled with hope. To put it another way, the manger, the cross, and the tomb are all empty so that Heaven can be filled with people who trust Jesus.


The Reason for the Season

THE GREATEST NEED The reason we even have Christmas is because of sin. Joseph heard it straight from angel’s mouth–God is sending Jesus into this world because there are sinful people who need their sins forgiven. Had there been no sin, there would have been no need for God to send a Savior.


What the Blind Man Saw

You may think that in the larger scheme of the entire universe you aren’t very important. In comparison to the enormous universe, our planet is just a small rock circling a minor star. And you are just one of 6 billion human beings sharing this rock. In spite of this, you are of such importance to God, that when you call out to Him, He pauses to help you! The mighty sun burning 93 million miles away provides the gravitational pull that keeps all the planets in orbit, but that same sun will warm your face on a cold day as if it had nothing else to do at that moment. The awesome God who keeps the entire universe running will stop and answer your cry for help as if He had nothing else to do. God isn’t distracted by the millions of other voices. He always has time for you.


The First Star Trek

A study of the Magi’s search for Jesus and the meaning of the gifts they brought.


God’s Nativity Activity

It is possible to love nativity sets and to display them in your home every Christmas without ever stopping to understand what God was doing on the first Christmas. A study of the Nativity scene and the ten elements involved. You’ll learn a personal lesson from each of these parts of the overall picture.


The Day God Became a Baby

The birth of Jesus was an amazing experience of God taking on a human form. A study of the miracles Mary pondered and the message God proclaimed.