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Moses Knew About Jesus!

We don’t know how many miracles Jesus performed, but we do know why He performed miracles. It wasn’t just to perform random acts of kindness to help hurting people. He performed the miracles so we would believe and when we believe, we would experience life.


Receive to Believe

Now what does it mean to “receive Jesus?” The word “receive” simply means to welcome in. It’s like when someone comes to your front door and you invite him or her to come in.


The Passover Party Parade

Jesus chose a donkey intentionally. Why didn’t He ride in on a stallion? A beautiful horse is a magnificent animal. It has large beautiful eyes, a flowing mane, a shining coat, and long graceful legs. A donkey isn’t a thoroughbred horse. It’s a plain, small, ugly animal. Nobody ever called a donkey beautiful. They have floppy ears that are too large, and sad eyes, like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. And when a donkey lets out a loud bray, it usually makes us laugh. In Jesus’ day, horses were the Ferraris; donkeys were the used Ford Pintos.


Jesus is STILL Performing Miracles

The fact that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled these prophecies is powerful evidence that the Bible is a supernatural book and Jesus is who He claimed to be—the Son of the Living God. Why? Because the odds of one person randomly fulfilling 40 predictions about the details of their life are astronomical!