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I Love America 2014: America Must Return to God

Some people look at the Korean War and wonder: What was the use? It seems we wasted our time in Korea. That’s looking at it from man’s perspective. Let’s look the Korean War from heaven’s perspective for a moment. There was a terrible war going on, but we sent almost 2,000 chaplains to Korea. They preached the gospel to the people of Korea, especially the children. When the war started, only 2% of South Koreans were Christians, today 32% of South Koreans are followers of Jesus. The work of our military chaplains had an amazing impact on the children who would grow up and become the leaders a generation later.


I Love America 2012

Presented by the Celebration Choir & Orchestra under the direction of Mike Parks, featuring special guest Adam Paul Williams


America: God Shed His Grace on Thee!

It is my strong belief that America is a great nation but America is in trouble. We are on a downward spiral. Our foundations are eroding as our moral foundation is decaying. We have lost our moral compass. And unless we, the younger generations, reclaim the values, the dignity, the decency, and the diligence of this greatest generation, America may not survive very far into the 21st century.


I Love America 2007

Louie Gohmert

Take a tour of our nation’s capital with Congressman Louie Gohmert and listen to the stories of how God used the Founding Fathers to shape the United States of America.