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Old Whiners or New Wineskins?

The religious whiners of Jesus’ day didn’t like His teaching because it was so revolutionary. It was new. He said things they never heard before. His new teaching shocked and offended them. The religious leaders could not handle this new wine Jesus was offering. They were like the inflexible old wineskins. Their attitudes were “If it is new, it can’t be true!” Every time Jesus said or did something new you could almost hear the sound of straining and stretching until “pop!”—so they killed the messenger instead of accepting the message.


Hosting a Supper for Sinners

Becoming a Christian can be summarized into three words: Admit, submit, and commit. Jesus is a doctor for those of us who are suffering from the fatal sickness of sin. But before you’ll ever go to the doctor, you’ve got to admit that you have a problem. You must admit you are sinner. Then you have to submit to the doctor’s care. You must submit your wounded heart to the Healer. Then you’ve got commit yourself to the doctor’s plan. You need to take the medicine every day; or follow the treatment regimen every day. You’ve got to be committed to the cure. In the same way, you’ve got to commit to follow Jesus every day.


You Might Be a Hypocrite If…

Do you think, “I’m a pretty good person?” Or do you say, “I’m not perfect, but I’m better than most people, or at least some people?” Or do you say, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace?” Maybe you should say, “I’m not what I OUGHT to be, and I’m not what I WANT to be, and I’m not what I’m GOING to be, but thank God because of His grace, I’m not what I USED to be.” I’m just a sinner saved by grace. If you can say that, then you might NOT be a hypocrite—just a recovering hypocrite who doesn’t need a mask anymore.


Take Your Battle Stations!

A study of how the Christian life is spiritual warfare. The Bible says you’re a soldier if you’re a Christian. Are you a good soldier of Jesus Christ or are you a deserter? Have you folded up your uniform and put it away, maybe put it on every Sunday morning or are you obedient to your Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ?