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I’ll Take the Camel; but Hold the Gnat

God is interested in how you manage His money, and He wants you to honor Him with the tithe. He’s interested in every area of your personal life. The websites you look at matter to God. The drugs you’re taking? They matter to God. The gossip you’re spreading? It matters to God. How you care for His temple, your body? It matters to God. Your personal morality matters to God, but if your concern for personal morality doesn’t lead you to help hurting people, you’ve missed the point.


A Match Made in Heaven

Ruth was obedient when she told Naomi, “I will do whatever you say.” That’s what faith is; it believing God enough to DO what He tells us to do in His Word. She didn’t just believe there was a possibility that Boaz could be her goel; she believed enough to DO something about it! You can say you believe God’s Word until you’re blue in the face, but the only part of this Bible you really believe is that part you act on.