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Noah: An Unsinkable Faith

God has placed us in a wicked and corrupt culture and we are to do what Noah did. We don’t need to build an ark, because we already have one. Jesus is our ark who will carry us safely through the waters of God’s final judgment. So our job is to warn the people around us that there is going to be a final judgment against sin. And don’t be surprised if people mock you the same way they mocked Noah.


The Case of the Murder in a Vineyard

In a real sense, each one of us is a sharecropper for the Lord. We don’t own anything; we just manage a part of God’s creation. But sometimes we make the same mistake the tenants in the parable made. We start imagining we own the vineyard.


What Was America Like a Century Ago?

Nahum’s short but powerful prophecy is one of the most under-appreciated books in the Bible. But there’s nothing ho-hum about Nahum. Like a talented artist, Nahum skillfully paints a picture of the character and nature of God.


Like a Thief in the Night

The Bible says at any moment, the Lord Jesus could return in a flash, in a twinkling of an eye. God has placed warning signs all along the road. Warning! Repent immediately. This message is just another warning. For those of us who have heeded His warning, and put our faith in Jesus, we will escape His judgment against sin. But some people just laugh at the Bible and refuse to heed God’s Warning.


The Rejected StONe

Uncovering four foundational truths about the character of God in Jesus’ Parable of the Tenants and a corresponding personal lesson we can apply to our lives.


Fat Cows of Bashan

Amos warns the spoiled women of Bashan against their sin, ignoring God’s call to repentance, and the consequences of their inaction. Amos 4:1-13.