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You Can’t OUTGIVE God!

Have you ever thought about the miraculous power of a seed to increase and enlarge? Consider a watermelon seed. One seed weighs about 1/6 of a gram. But that seed can be planted and will suck so much moisture and nutrients out of the ground that it can grow into a huge watermelon. Some watermelons grow to be 100 pounds. That’s about 300,000 times the weight of the seed. And in that watermelon you will find about 300 seeds, that if each of them were planted and grew melons, that first seed would have multiplied its weight by 122 million times! That’s the power of a seed.


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As human creatures, we love to accumulate stuff. You know what stuff is. I’ve got my stuff and you’ve got your stuff. Don’t mess with my stuff. People have accumulated so much stuff that they have to rent storage units to store all their stuff. But Jesus taught that we shouldn’t hoard our blessings, we should give them away.