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Glory in a Manger

Michael Gossett

How God revealed his character, kingdom and eternal hope in the manger. Luke 2:1-20.


Eyes on Jesus!

We live in a time when thousands of people keep their names on church rolls, but they never show up, give, or serve. Our world is exploding with violence, and many people who once claimed to follow Jesus are losing heart. They are in danger of drifting away and dropping out.


I Believe God Can Help Me

The opposite of being poor and spirit and mourning over your spiritual poverty is an attitude of being proud and unbroken in your belief that you can do anything. It’s the attitude that says, “I don’t need God’s help or strength. I can do it myself!” Have ever tried to help a child do something, and they say, “Let ME do it!” That’s our old sin nature that rises up and says, “I don’t need any help. I can do it myself!” That attitude will get you in trouble.


God’s Infallible Guarantee

Have you ever bought a product and along with it you receive a guarantee or a warranty that says if anything goes wrong with it, you get your money back? Well Romans 8:28 is “God’s Infallible Guarantee!” He says, “I guarantee if you meet my conditions that you’re going to see all things become a part of his plan to produce good.”


The Blessed Benefits of God’s Love

The secret to living the Christian life is not trying to imitate Jesus. It is not trying to perform all these Christian acts in the strength of your flesh because Jesus said in John, 15:5, “Without me, you can do nothing.” The secret to the Christian life is allowing Jesus simply to control every part of your life so his character is just displayed.