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The Wonder of Salvation

We live in a culture where the world, the devil and the flesh are doing everything possible to draw us away from Jesus. We can be drawn in two different directions. Have you ever been at the ocean and you’re in the surf near the shore? The waves are pulling you toward shore and the undertow is pulling you in the other direction. On the surface, there is so much in our culture trying to distract you and draw you away from Jesus.


What Does God Want with Me?

So what does God want with us? He wants to make us worthy of His calling. He wants to empower us to bear His fruit. He wants to glorify the name of Jesus in our lives. Many people believe that this life is all there is, so their goal is to live it up, because they think they’ll only have about 70 to 80 years to stuff in as much fun as possible. But this life isn’t all there is.


Unpleasant Message? Attack the Messenger!

Amos gave a consistent message of God’s judgement. He did not back up, shut up or let up. He kept preaching the same message God had given him: Repent or judgement is coming. Amos 7:10-17.


Judge Gideon’s Victory, part 1

God reveals his will in a variety of ways. Is it okay for me and you to lay a fleece out before the Lord? Christians do it and I’ve done it but it is a dangerous thing to do. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. Can you give me one other person in the Bible he spoke to out of a burning bush? You make a mistake if you go around to every bush and wait for it to catch on fire for God to speak to you. God spoke to Gideon through a fleece that got wet and then got dry. God blinded the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus and spoke to him in a voice. Are you waiting for God to do that? Who else did he do that to? When you study the word of God you find God spoke in a variety of ways and God has a variety of ways he shares his will.


The Call of Moses

I think one of the reasons we can all relate to Moses is because he was called to God and gifted by God, yet he was very reluctant to serve God. That is the case for most of us.


Father Abraham Had Many Sins

I have discovered a lot of us start out getting fired up about Jesus and everything is going along fine for a while but we come to a place where we backslide and we get out of fellowship with God. That happened in the life of Abraham.