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Radioactive Relationships

There are three great promises of God that should motivate us to want to avoid the dangerous radioactive relationships that are possible. Now, you could approach this by emphasizing the negative: I will keep away from the wrong kind of people. But a much better approach would be to focus on the positive: I will desire to have a dynamic relationship with my Father. As you desire to love God more and more, you’ll find that the desire for the wrong kinds of relationships will naturally fall away.


All in the Family

You can rejoice because the Father lovingly chose us. It was His love that caused us to be chosen by him. Have you ever stopped and thought, “Why me? Why did God choose me to be his child?” It just pleased God to do so. It gave God pleasure to choose you to be his child. And when God does something he does it so he derives personal pleasure from it. That’s why he did it.


Father Abraham Had Many Sins

I have discovered a lot of us start out getting fired up about Jesus and everything is going along fine for a while but we come to a place where we backslide and we get out of fellowship with God. That happened in the life of Abraham.